TDEE Calculator

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What's Your Gender?

My Sex Is: Male

Female Male

How Old Are You?

I Am: 17 Years Old

How Tall Are You?

My Height Is: 5 Ft 9 Inc

How Much Do You Weigh?

My Weight Is: 50 lbs

How Active Is Your Job & Daily Routine?

My Activity Level Is Best Described As: Sedentary


Little to no exercise/ desk job

Lightly Active

Light exercise: sports 1-3 days per week/ server, nurse

Moderately Active

Moderate exercise: sports 3-5 days per week/ usher, host

Very Active

Heavy exercise: sports 6-7 days per week/ mostly physical: farmer, construction

Extremely Active

Very heavy exercise: sports, training 2x/day, mostly physical: farmer, construction


Total Daily Energy Expenditure

10 18 koals