In the spring of 2017, Floyds passion for fitness was at an all time, this encouraged him to start a movement. He founded the company FloBro Fitness which he campaigned on social media, providing daily exercise tips, workout guides, meal/health tips, supplement usage guides and bodybuilding/fitness motivation!

Traction picked up and FloBro Fitness eventually gained sponsors from several well-known fitness companies which brought great value and resources to the establishment.

As the business continues to grow and gain exposure, FloBro Fitness prides itself with its continuous desire in being a well equipped organization that offers a wide range of training, nutrition and wellness services to clients all around the world!


FloBro Fitness seeks to provide the BEST fitness services possible at the best prices! We want to offer assistance, guidance and encouragement to all and build a community surrounded by the idea of excellence.

We strive to help each member Embark on a new healthy and active lifestyle, Evolve continuously to their maximum potential and Exceed beyond any and all limitations to attain their fitness goals.

Our ultimate objective is to see each client follow our three core principles (Embark. Evolve. Exceed.) to become their best selves!


We offer a wide array of services ranging from custom nutrition and training plans through the My Fitbody Programâ„¢, ebook programs, daily exercise tips, collectible merchandise and discounted products by sponsors.

The Owner

Floyd Collie aka FloBro, is an up and coming Mens Physique competitor who has a desire to become a pro bodybuilder. He has a passion for fitness and wishes to help others reach their fitness goals and become their best selves. His desire is to make a positive impact on the fitness industry and the world as a whole!

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