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How it started

Prior to becoming a well-developed computerized program, the training system was simply a fitness ideology for FloBro Fitness owner and bodybuilding personal, Floyd Collie.

By gaining knowledge in various proven training methods and dieting procedures, Floyd’s ability to assess and address multiple fitness needs increased drastically! His own specialized training system was now under development and would eventually become the cornerstone of his own personal fitness journey.

What is the My Fitbody Program?

Floyd’s fitness philosophy, Fitbody Science, has now been implemented into a new patent-pending software, made available worldwide. This new detailed computerized training system precisely utilizes personal data entered, like current stats and desired goals, as an instructional guide to instantly generate a specialized fitness regime!

My FitBody Package

Fitbody Science > Exercise Science

Through his physique building stages of shaping and toning, to rapid muscle building whilst burning fat, Floyd has managed to uncover all the major principles that play a vital role in achieving some of the most commonly sought after fitness goals (building muscle, burning fat, gaining strength/endurance etc).

Floyd’s study and research of exercise science combined with his added knowledge gained from years of personal experience has enabled him to identify unique training/dieting principles.This resulted in the development ofa NEW fitness philosophy, Fitbody Science, the IDEAL fitness system.

If you’ve ever had suspicions about the effectiveness of a highly promoted ebook or,an online coaching plan, you or someone else purchased, thenyou’re rightly justified to do so. Most times the training strategies these programs offer limit their personalization to the bare minimum, in favor for a safer &generalized approach. This results in the use typical cookie cutter methods to create “custom” workout/diet plans that more than likely gave you and others mediocre to meager results.

Fitbody Science truly distinguishes itself by being completely against the fixed ‘one-size fits all’ outline. Instead its effectiveness is achieved through the pursuit of a live interactive user data input style, as demonstrated earlier in this segment.

This approach demands the consistentidentification of specific variables that vary amongst individuals, thus minimizing lack of certainty, improving success rates and ensuring a personalized andoverall satisfying fitness journey for all.

Variables such as total daily energy expenditure, diet preference, training style, bmi, meal frequency, training frequyency, body type, variation in fitness goals between different body parts, and the identification of problematic areas in the physique, are just a few factors Fitbody Science takes into account to formulate the appropriate regime.

Essentially, Fitbody Science enables individuals, no matter their current stats,to efficiently attain their fitness objectives through a My Fitbody Program.

How & why it works


After payment is successfully processed users are given access to the live My Fitbody Program page.

The live program comprises of three phases: Body Profile, Training, and Nutrition. Each phase contains several data entry forms along withFloBroFitTipsthatprovide insight forproper completion andprogram formulation.

Below is a step by step user guide for each phase. Follow the instructions provided to better your understanding of the My Fitbody Program to ensure an ideal fitness plan is created.

Phase 1: Body Profile

The first phase requires the user to input personal stats about their body.

This eliminates guess work and allows the program to accurately customize a fitness plan specifically for the user.

Phase 2: Training

The second phase engages users to select their preferences regarding training practices as well as any problematic areas in their physique.

This enables the program to create the ideal training plan that works with the user’s schedule, style and body type.

Phase 3: Nutrition

The third phase gathers data from the user’s selection of diet practices and eating principles.

The program is then capable of crafting a complete diet regime that works with the users eating preferences and desired goals.


Review your input for errors and ensure the information is accurate.

If you are not satisfied with your submissions click the phase button on the tracker above & make the necessary changes. Once you are satisfied, click the confirmbutton in the phase tracker above to return to the confirm segment.

Afterward,enter your personal details, upload your before picture & check the acknowledgment statementto enable and click the submit button. Your My Fitbody Program will be submitted to you instantly or within 2 to 7 business days of payment being received!

Who it's for

Fitness Journey Timeline

As depicted in the photo timeline above, Floyd's training system, The My Fitbody Program, has allowed him to reach his fitness goals & make remarkable progress to his physique in a very short amount of time.Progress that was attained naturally (without the use of any anabolic steroids, andros, SARMS, growth hormones, insulin, anti-estrogens or myostatin inhibitors etc.) and without the aid of a professional trainer or any professionally crafted training plan.

This NEW fitness system will also prove successful, in the achievement of remarkable progress, to those who can clearly identify their goalsand develop equally remarkable dedication to them.

The very best proof something can be done

We've provided the success stories of FloBro Fitness athletes who got the results they were looking for through the My Fitbody Program.

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My Fitbody Package

The My Fitbody Program comprises of a complete fitness regime, which entails all the requirements necessary for the attainment of ones selected goals.

The package includes:

A fitbody training program

Our training system has been crafted to account for:

Valued at $625

A fitbody nutrition program

Our nutrition system has been crafted to account for:

Valued at $700

Lifetime support

FloBroFitness is fully committed to supporting those who partake in the My Fitbody Program. We ensure the success ofMy Fitbody Program recipientsby providing:

Total value = Prices

The My Fitbody program offers the ideal package to help you achieve your fitness goals for

Just $125